BPNC Consultoria S / C Ltda. Was created from the union of professionals who have been active in the business consulting market for over 15 years and in the executive market for more than 30 years. Originally as Barbosa Software Maintenance, later as Barbosa Consultoria Empresarial e Informática S / C Ltda. And under the current BPNC name.

BPNC was created to fulfill the professional aspirations of its founders, people from international consulting and auditing companies, and national and multinational companies that include gratification with their work among the conditions essential for their personal fulfillment.

With our own professionals or strategic associations with other companies and the academic area, we operate in the various aspects of business life with complete professional, financial and technological independence.

Our team of consultants and analysts, with specializations in different branches and business functions, is prepared to seek and implement the appropriate solution for the business processes.

Technical excellence is a basic premise in the provision of our services. We believe that we derive from it the climate of trust that is always established in the relationship we have with our Clients, whose interests have been and will be treated with a view to the best combination of results, timeliness, quality and cost-effectiveness.

We support that each solution is peculiar to the characteristics of each Company.

Our goal is to customize the solutions, believing that in this way the Companies win over their Customers, with greater profitability and social responsibility.


BPNC is oriented towards excellence and considers this philosophy its great differential, which enables the Company's results and guarantees a balanced growth.


BPNC's vocation is the creativity that provides the profitability of the business and promotes the growth of Customers.


Be a world-class company and have your brand as the business consultancy that provides the best business solutions and systems for the Companies.


  • BPNC wants to have its values perceived by Customers, achieve loyalty and ensure, in consequence, the profitability of the company.
  • Team work
  • Effort
  • Enthusiasm
  • Creativity
  • Competence
  • Quality
  • Technology
  • Talent



  • Business Diagnostics
  • Business plan
  • Economic management model
  • Economic evaluation of investments, business, projects and companies
  • Economic and financial recovery
  • Evaluation and expansion of new markets
  • Fusions and acquisitions
  • Projects of co-management
  • Risk management
  • Cash management
  • Controllership and accounting
  • Development of cost models, budget and managerial accounting
  • Development of standards and procedures
  • Preparation of organizational manuals
  • Planning and control of materials and production
  • Logistic management of production, storage and distribution
  • Marketing advice
  • Project management


  • Strategic information and automation plan
  • Business integrated solutions
  • Evaluation, selection, development, deployment and integration of systems
  • Development and implementation of systems development methodology
  • Data Warehouse Development
  • Advice on information technology
  • E-Commerce, B2B, B2C projects
  • Implementation of projects
  • Auditing systems
  • Management information systems
  • Marketing information systems
  • Federal electronic tax audit systems



NS2E - Technology Company
Economic and financial evaluation of the company.

Golden IT - Technology Company
Economic and financial evaluation of the company.

GTI - IT Solutions - Technology Company
Economic and financial evaluation of the company.

Lince Informática - Technology Company
Economic and financial evaluation of the company.

Sal Diana - Emilio Romani - Salt Industry
Economic and financial evaluation of the company.

Grupo K&G – O Boticário
Economic evaluation of the pharmacy business
System of economic evaluation of franchises
Development of product display systems
Development of the franchise DRE system - evaluation of the financial dynamics of the units
Economic evaluation of the Northeast project
Elaboration of the report requesting financing from BNB
Northeast project structuring
Economic and financial evaluation of the Nova Marca business, a new public target
Organization, structuring and evaluation of the destination project Curitiba - Espaço Estação
Project feasibility evaluation methodology
Financial economic evaluation of the loyalty program.

Diagnosis of the technology area;
Development of the conceptual model of the company's website.

RC Associated Consultants
Development of the conceptual, logical and physical model of the system called Tax Audit for federal taxes.

Itau bank (*)
Economic and financial evaluation of Banco Banestado
Economic and financial evaluation of Banco Banespa
Evaluation of the Banestado Banking tax situation

Caixa Econômica Federal (*)
Development of the conceptual model and the Data Warehouse integration model

Bank of Brazil (*)
Coordination of the project to modernize information technology involving
  • Bank Automation
  • Integrated Network Management
  • Uninterrupted Processing
  • Evaluation and development of systems
  • Computer Infrastructure
  • Organizational Modeling
Development of the systems plan

Banco Crédito Real de Minas Gerais – Credireal (*)
Diagnosis of the bank's collection system.

Volvo Financeira (*)
Diagnosis of information systems.

Banco Banestado (*)
Auditing of stock systems

Sanepar (*)
Auditing systems
Computer master plan

Unimed – Campinas (*)
Diagnosis of the computerization process

Kamyr do Brasil Técnica de Celulose (*)
Project conceptual model of contract administration

IRHE - Institute of Hydraulic Resources and Electrification - Panama - Central America (**)
Diagnosis of information systems
Computer master plan
Elaboration of the systems development methodology
Development and implementation of cash control system.
Development of the materials area project.

Unimed – Federação Paraná (*)
Diagnosis of information systems
Computer master plan
Computer Consulting

Cooperativa Agrária Mista Entre Rios (*)
Diagnosis of the computerization process

Feam - State Environmental Foundation - MG (*)
Strategic IT plan

Cooperative of the Coffee Growers of Porecatu - PR (*)
Diagnosis of the computerization process

(*) Projects developed in partnership with BDO Directa

(**) Projects developed in partnership with BDO Directa, Fipecafi USP - CE


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